Welcome to Rachael K Foundation. Commited to support others with special needs.

Creating Business Gateways

The cost of rehabilitation and assistive devices is a major barrier for children with disabilities from low-income families in that these children fail to get early intervention which would greatly improve their quality of life as well as increase their independence. At Rachael K Foundation, we help these families gain economical stability by opening small businesses for the caregivers to help sustain and provide for their special once.
There have been donations from Mrs. Wendy Stewart and Mr. Justin Zamora towards the purchase of sawing machines in Taita Taveta county which can help caregivers from a few families earn money to be able to provide basic needs to their children.

In addition, Mr. & Mrs. Hammer contributed $1,000, for the construction of a maize mill for one of our beneficiaries. This will go a long way in ensuring that the family is economically stable and can afford basic necessities.

RKF Cerebral Palsy Walk 2022

The walk will be from Nairobi KICC to Nairobi Stima Club Grounds on November 12th 2022.
The walk will be about creating awareness on -- Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Epilepsy.