Welcome to Rachael K Foundation. Commited to support others with special needs.


Empowering Communities

We empower communities with knowledge on how to live with and take care of individuals with special needs by providing educational materials on cerebral palsy and on how to deal with special needs individuals that could help with better care. Through this awareness programs to the public and community, we hope communities will grow to help improve the social and economic lives for the special kids families as well as promote understanding of children with Cerebral Palsy so as to stop stigma and enable their full participation in the society. The childrens’ parents/caregivers are also able to learn the necessary skills for the child’s development.

Rachael K Foundation also sponsors volunteers to attend special needs digital courses. Below are some pictures of some volunteers receiving their certifications after completing an International Epilepsy digital course organized in London UK.

RKF Cerebral Palsy Walk 2022

The walk will be from Nairobi KICC to Nairobi Stima Club Grounds on November 12th 2022.
The walk will be about creating awareness on -- Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Epilepsy.